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Dr. Eugene E. Garcia - Delivering the Promise of Education to English Language Learners

Dr. Garcia started his keynote addressing how the landscape of bilingual education has changed.

It has changed in these specific ways:  Demographic reality, equity through accountability:  reduce achievement gaps for bilingual learners, global competitiveness, brain research, etc.  We as an educator have to keep in mind what counts in order to help bilingual students achieve: Rich language environments, creating more bilingual programs, provide access to education capital.

Dr. Eugene E. Garcia - The Changing Landscape of Bilingual Education in United States

In this section he addresses what will make a difference in bilingual students’ lives. How the changes in the demographics are affecting the number of programs available nationwide.  He also talked about what is needed:  Schools (good schools), experience teachers, use of the students’ heritage language, curriculum cultural responsiveness, family engagement, early childhood programs to help eliminate the achievement gap at kindergarten level.  

Dr. Eugene E. Garcia - What can we do to support to English Language Learners? (5 “R” and 1 T)

Dr. Eugene E. Garcia - What can we do to support to English Language Learners ? (5 “R” and 1 T) Dr. Garcia’s message to all to take away summarized itself in the 5 R’s and the T.  Respectful, responsive, responsible, resourceful, reasonable, and that we as educators use a conceptual framework approach that focuses on strengths not deficits so that we are all Theoretically aligned.

Mathematics Problem-Solving Strategies for ELLs in the Elementary Grades