Using Scantron

Dear Teacher,


This guide covers the use of Scantron Forms during the in-house assessments.


Please make sure to follow the directions below when handling the bubble sheets.


  • Make sure that students use only soft (no. 2) pencils for all marks.  

  • Do not fold or put staples in the test sheets.  

  • Instruct students to bubble in the circles completely.  

  • Make sure that students erase the mistakes completely.  

  • Do not put any marks between the black timing marks on the left side of the test sheet.

  • Do not put any marks above the first set of timing lines (top ¼")

  • Questions will be marked wrong when a student leaves a question unanswered (blank).  




  • The bubble sheets should be placed in an orange box in the main office (not in the mailbox).

  • Do not include the absent students’ bubble sheet. This will affect your class average as blank bubble sheets are marked as zero “0” on the data portal.

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